Camp nightmare

Where I go to camp, it’s normal to prank everyone. One night, my cabin and I decided to scare the crap out of one of the other cabins. We stood in the woods behind them and one of my friends snuck up to their window and started pounding on it, making them all scream. We all started barking and ran off. I don’t think we got pranked that night, so they might not have realized it was us.

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Ouch my tailbone..

One day at school i got bored..soo right when this girl was about to sit..i pulled her chair from under her and she fell right on her butt,and there was a huge CRACK. and she just started screaming,and couldnt move…so the ambulance came and took her away. later that day this teacher was talking to me and my friend about the “acticdent”.. i told her my foot got caught in the chair when i tried to walk away>:)OH YEAH…she broke her tailbone:) mmwhahaha!

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Coke Killer

One time i was sleeping over my friends house and my bro and everyone else was sleeping downstairs so me and my friend went downstairs…and we got some Coke and sprayed it all over their faces LOL so when they woke up there was like all this Coke going in their mouths LOL me and my friend were laughing crazy…my bro got so mad i got so scared then i ran away and he triped on the stairs LOL i was laughing so hard.

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