Motorcycle Rider Safety

Motorcycle riders take on an extra risk of serious injury when they ride, but taking important safety precautions can lower that risk.

Riding Smart Saves Lives

For any motorcycle rider, staying safe on the road is a primary concern. Unfortunately, riders sometimes make choices that actually put themselves in grave danger. But by taking just a few minutes on a regular basis to study driving habits, riders can learn to recognize small changes that can easily be made to improve driving safety on the road. Afterwards, riders will begin to experience a much greater degree of well-being each time they’re on a ride.

Improve Your Visibility

Automobile drivers often get too close to motorcycle riders simply because the riders are not highly visible. Adding reflective tape to helmets, gloves, and on the motorcycle itself can catch the eye of an unalert driver and prevent a potentially deadly crash. Round reflective panels can also be attached to various parts of a motorcycle. Riding with the headlights on during daytime hours is one of the best visibility habits.

Add to Your Safety Wardrobe

In many states, motorcycle riders, including passengers, are required to wear a helmet and other safety gear items. If these items are not worn at all or worn incorrectly, then the rider increases the risk of becoming the next motorcycle accident victim. Helmets require only a small investment but have the potential to save a life. Heavy duty gloves, thick jackets, and protective pads also add to rider safety.

Watch for Left Turning Cars

You have probably seen an automobile driver make a left turn across a lane in front of your line of travel. This is probably the most common motorcycle accident scenario. Motorcycle riders should scrutinize every car turning left in front of them so they have time to adjust their speed or react accordingly. Remember, car drivers are typically looking for other cars in oncoming lanes, not motorcycles.

Avoid Patches of Gravel

Gravel is often clustered in the tight spaces of shoulders and curves. Motorcycle riders often hit these patches of gravel and lose control of their bikes. Taking corners and curves at a moderate speed will help prevent loss of control. Obey the speed limits and remember the old rule – “slow in, fast out”.

Obey the Law

Motorcycle riders have the same obligation to drive in a safe manner just like automobile drivers do. When motorcycle riders choose to drink and drive or engage in high-speed racing, they are not only jeopardizing the safety of themselves and others around them, but they are also breaking the law. These are not just minor traffic violations but serious offenses leading to criminal charges in which a criminal defense attorney will be required to fight against jail time and other major consequences.

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